Sunday, March 13, 2011

The India Fund

Order to Self No. 1
An order creating the India (or Any Southeast Asian Country) Fund, and other purposes thereof

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Whereas, being a graduate of BA Social Sciences (Area Studies) which deals with History, Politics and Culture of Southeast Asian countries (and some European and West Asian countries as well), I have learned to love travelling;

Whereas, this love for travelling has become more than an interest but a passion--a shared passion with my undergrad blockmates and friends;

Whereas, these blockmates and friends, who I refer to as The Coolest People on Earth, have traveled with me to Ilocos, Sagada, Batanes, Nueva Ecija, Cavite, Cebu and Bohol;

Whereas, despite graduation, different work and school schedules, we still share the same passion, the same love, for travelling;

Whereas, we, as a group, have committed to taking many more trips together as soon as possible, and we have decided on going out of the country;

Whereas, since we have become part of the employed class, we have to fund our trips ourselves;

Whereas, I have prepared to undertake the first step towards the goal of travelling, which is getting a passport, I now focus on the next immediate task at hand which is planning where to get the funds;

Whereas, in this light, I am creating, for my own benefit, the India (or Any Southeast Asian Country) Fund. This Fund will be used mainly for my expenses in travelling to India (or Any Southeast Asian Country) by the third or fourth quarter of this year, 2011;

Whereas, to ensure compliance to this Order, I am enjoined to publish updates regarding the implementation of this Order;

Whereas, I am hereby compelling myself to save every peso I can, take the least (if not, none) taxi rides, eat less (expensive) meals, spend less on books etc, and basically, practice other austerity measures as much as the situation permits me. Obtaining other financial resources is also encouraged.

This will take effectively upon publication in this blog site.


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