Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Coolest People on Earth Theory

As a social student/graduate, I've heard time and again from my professors at UP Manila that: "ang teoryang walang praktika ay walang saysay" (English translation: theory without practice is useless). I do recognize the importance of theory in society and, to an extent, social control. But before theory is practiced, it has to be carefully thought out.

Like Barney Stinson who always comes up with theories, and Sheldon and the gang who're always talking about real scientific theories, I'll give theory-making a try.

Theory: Once you meet The Coolest People on Earth, which is, as you know, subjective, you'll always have the thought that, whatever you do with other people it wouldn't amount to the fun, the familiarity and the feel of being with The Coolest People on Earth. So, meeting The Coolest People on Earth is both good and bad; there's a sense of ambiguity--much like Schroedinger's Cat.*

Illustration: If you're a party person, imagine yourself let's say... partying with the The Coolest Person--like let's say Tim Yap or someone who you think is the coolest (take note: not just cool butcoolest)--and then the next night you party with someone else who's not The Coolest Person. You'll come in, thinking, "ah, this is not going to be as epic as last night's" because you've experienced what partying with The Coolest Person feels like. Get it?

Real-Life Example (aka my experience): Having met, liked, loved, hated, loved again, and traveled with my Undergrad friends/blockmates/"barkada" I know what being with The Coolest People on Earth feel like. No matter what I do, whoever I meet, I know that nothing will compare to the fun, familiarity and over-all good vibe-feeling I get when I'm with The Coolest People on Earth. That sometimes, since I know that nothing will ever compare to these people, I come in into a group, a friendship, comparing this new group to The Coolest People on Earth. Of course, the new group loses because of the memories, inside-jokes and experiences I've shared with former.

In a way, this hinders me to make an effort to be really close to these new set of people I'm with/exposed to. But to look at it from another view, it gives me some sort of perspective. Where to put things, what to prioritize. Yes, I recognize the fact that I do need to make the extra effort and try to get to know and enjoy these new people's company more/better. But I also know for a fact that it will always come back to The Coolest People on Earth, who not only saw and was with me during my best moments but also have seen and tolerated me at my worst. 

Note: Each person may have a different set of The Coolest People on Earth. What I consider my Coolest maybe your Worst, or vice versa. But I guess that's the beauty of this concept. It's not encompassing, it's not true in all instances (one set of The Coolest People on Earth will not be such to each and every person on this planet) but you know it's true, it works.



Arvin said...

Jo Ann! Crush mo si Rich? Sino sya? I only heard of him as a basketball player. Hehehehe

Jo Ann said...

Sobrang crush ko siya! haha Oo, basketball player siya. He's now in Talk n' Text! :D