Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quintet 3: GLEE-king out

Quintet is a monthly music review of any five songs I happen to come across/stumble upon, or were recommended, any how, any time. Suggestions from readers are most welcome because music deserves to be shared. Let me be your convert or critic.

I was a big fan of Glee during its season 1 run. My undergrad blockmate made being a fan of Glee easy. She would provide us with freshly downloaded episodes, recently released cover songs, and even coerced us into making the signature gLee sign.

But come Season 2, when I had too much TV series to be updated on and with no undergrad blockmate to make Glee-king out easy, I sort let Glee go. I periodically update myself on what's going on with the episodes but not actually watch the episodes. I thought it had evolved into something altogether unfamiliar and boring.

Somehow I got wind of how good the second season is (well, based on my limited sources like The AV Club and some Facebook friends) so I decided to Google which episodes rock the most--so as to not waste my time watching the mediocre mid-season episodes--and watch these.

One of the main story lines of Season 2 was the Santana-Brittany-Artie love story arc. And I thank the writers for this novel addition because it deepens the characters, and because the best songs of the season came from this story line.

Landslide by Gwyneth Paltrow (Ms Holly), Naya Rivera (Santana Lopez) and Heather Morris (Brittany Pears) - I'm surprised Gwyneth can sing really well. So as Heather Morris. But the biggest revelation of all was Naya Rivera. Yes, although she has sung particularly well in the past, I believe this was one of her best musical numbers to date.

Born This Way by the Glee cast - I believe this was one of the instances wherein the cover is much better than the original. The showmanship of the number (the dancing and the shirts) makes it really nice.

Songbird by Naya Rivera (Santana) - This is, by far, the most heartfelt song in the series. (I'm guessing a number of people have their own choices.)

Santana literally crying her heart out to Brittany:
"I love you, like never before"

Isn't She Lovely? by Kevin McHale (Artie Abrams) - I love listening to this song when Stevie Wonder sang it but when Artie sang it, I loved it to the point that I'm humming it in the elevator while doing office tasks. That's how catchy his version is. I've said it before but I'll say it again, Brittany is the luckiest girl in the Glee world cast as of the moment. She both has a boy and a girl crushing on/loving her. Forget about Quinn, Rachel and Tina and their numerous boys. Santana is like Kurt (remember Mercedes and now, Blaine). 

and the only non-Santana/Brittany/Artie story arc song that made the monthly Quintet cut....

Don't Stop by the Glee cast - A good recession-caused-depression reliever song. Period.

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 I am Annie said...

Ha ha. You know, no matter how much I shoved Glee in to your throats, I dislike season 2.
Scratch that, I hate season 2. I didn't even finish it. I was actually going to stop watching it when they announced Charice will be in it, but they reeled me back in by announcing Darren's going to be in it. JM knows this, I've been a fan of Darren for over a year before he got sign on Glee. I've met him a couple of times before, and I've watched one of his musicals live. But watching Glee again for him is just a big mistake. Don't get me wrong, I'm still incredibly proud of Darren. He became even more famous by his Glee stint, and I am grateful for that. However it does not excuse the fact that season 2 sucks ass. I'm glad to be out of this fandom, regardless of Darren's involvement in the coming seasons.

PS: I am sorry I ever got you into this crap.

Jo Ann said...

Ayy. I like Season 2 a little more than Season 1. :/ I was planning to get some of the episodes I haven't watched from you.

Does this mean my taste in music and shows is deteriorating? Oops.

PS: I'm sorry you're sorry that you got me into "this crap".

 I am Annie said...

No, it's not that. You're probably looking for a break. I mean, mahirap ang law school sa utak. You have to think all the time. Glee's not difficult at all. You literally don't have to think about anything. I gave up on the show because I've pretty much been doing nothing but wait for school to start, so when I watch it I'm still thinking. I hate that there is absolutely no story line whatsoever, and continuity does not even exist in the worlds of Ryan, Ian, and whoever the other writer is. (I keep forgetting his name. Brennan?)

OOH! Speaking of Brennan, have you watched episode 23 of Bones? I'm still screaming. On that note, I am still mourning for VNM. (RUN, WENDELL, RUN!)

Also, if you're looking for new shows to get into, try Misfits. The third season will start in November. They have 6 episodes for the first season and 7 for the second one. I promise this one's way better. (Pretty much the only person who I showed it to and disliked it was my mom. LOL.)

Jo Ann said...

I haven't watched Bones completely. I picked out two episodes involving Elon Gold and Cam. 'Yun palang napapanood ko. :)

But I Googled episode 23. WHEN DID BRENNAN AND BOOTH SLEEP TOGETHER?! My gahd, the show's writers are punishing un-updated "fans" like me!

BTW, your suggestion came right in time. Since Chuck's ending soon (next Season na ang final season niya), I'm looking for a new show to get into--as if I needed another distraction. ;)

 I am Annie said...

Ha ha ha. Well, yes. In episode 22, they slept together. Which begs the question: how far apart are episodes 22 and 23!? I mean, really! They were literally just mourning for Vincent in episode 22, then in episode 23 *blam!* she's already pregnant. You can't say that it already has been over 6 weeks, which would be the logical time frame. I mean, that would entail Angela and Hodgin's baby being already born before episode 23.


Jo Ann said...

OR they have slept before? hahaha I need to watch the full season soon!

School won't help. I'm in law school but I still managed to map out when Ted SHOULD meet the Mother in HIMYM (2012 dapat. 2013 at the latest), analyze Season 6, and predict what will happen in Season 7.

 I am Annie said...

But it could distract. Ha ha. Master of Science naman ang kukunin ko eeeeeh!
Umaasa. Bahahahaha.