Monday, May 30, 2011

Season 6: Photo Summary Part 1

HIMYM Season 6 Part 1

Because I can't get enough of the recently concluded Season 6 of How I Met Your Mother, and for those who haven't watched it wants to know quickly what happened in the season, here is SEASON 6 in 40 screencaps. (Thank God for VLC's Snapshot option!)

I don't know if most of you have noticed but every episode of HIMYM features at least two story lines being tackled by the two groups. Most of the time, it's Marshall and Lily tackling one story line (usually baby-related) while Ted, Robin and Barney tackle another. Sometimes--but frequently used this season--an episode revolves around only one story.

Episode 1 Big Days
Story A: Marshall and Lily deal with Marvin Eriksen's
extreme involvement in their baby-making efforts.

Story B: Ted and Barney talk about this girl (Read-a McGee, haha) at a bar,
and Robin shows them that she "still got it". 

Episode 2 Cleaning House
Main story: Barney and his brother James meet James' real dad.
Barney admits that he knows Bob Barker is not his father.

Episode 3 Unfinished
Main story: Robin forgetting  Don--eventually.

Episode 4 Subway Wars
Main story: Why everyone, except Barney, needed a win.
Barney letting Robin win by tackling Ted.

Episode 5 Architect of Destruction
Main story: Ted meets Zoey.

Episode 6 Baby Talk
Story A: Why Lily wants a girl.
Story A: Why Marshall wants a boy.

Sub-story: Barney telling Robin, "You're your own daddy."

Episode 7 Canning Randy
Main story: Randy and his Wharmpess Beer.
Sub-story: Robin and her Diaper ad.

Episode 8 Natural History

Story A: Ted, Zoey and The Captain
Story B: Marshall and Lily talk about his long-forgotten
dreams of saving the environment.

Story C: Barney and Robin playing around the museum
and finding out who is Barney's dad.

Episode 9 Glitter

Two beavers are better than one: Robin and her BFF Jessica Glitter.

Episode 10 Blitzgiving
Awww, man!: The gang spends Thanksgiving with Zoey and The Blitz.

Episode 11 Mermaid Theory
Robin tries to get close to Marshall but
Marshall's trying to keep her from turning into a mermaid.

Episode 12 False Positive
Main story: Lily and Marshall get a false positive in a pregnancy test,
and this freaks out everyone BUT Ted.
Sub-stories: Robin gets  new job; asks Ted to be the Best Man at her wedding.
Barney's Favorite Things!

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