Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Battle of the Cup Noodles

The Protagonists (l-r): Nissin Cup Noodles (Beef), Tekki Shomen (Beef Overload), Lucky Me Supreme (Bulalo)

Tekki Shomen Beef Overload

The Lowdown: It comes in a slightly bigger cup for only P19(?), and is sleek-looking. The velvet/dark pink/red-violet color makes it different from the usual yellow, blue, brown and green cups, cup noodles usually come in. The flat noodles is a nice variety from the usual round(?) noodle types. The condiments, especially the white one that comes in the transparent pink plastic looks really unhealthy. The powder, which gives it the 'beef flavor' is looks like ash. Ugh. Makes you think twice whether to eat it or not. Fortunately, once the noodles are cooked, the ash-like powder losses it ash-like quality.

What is that gray thing? It looks like ash.

The Verdict: It's ideal for those who want to save a few pesos or those who believe in giving all brands in the market a fair chance. It's not called a free market for nothing, right?

Lucky Me Supreme Bulalo

The Lowdown: Growing up on Lucky Me noodles and pancit canton (and later on, Curly Spaghetti and Sopas), I was quite biased in favor of this brand. Like Colgate and Coffeemate, Lucky Me has brand/name-recall in its favor. Aside from that, the taste is familiar to the taste of the noodles we are accustomed to. The one we equate with rainy days and bouts with sickness. The fork that comes in the cup puts the 'instant' in instant noodles. Like Tekki Shomen, Lucky Me has this white, unhealthy looking condiment. It makes you think about not putting it in but because you know it'll change the taste, you'll mix it in, still.

What is that white thing? MSG? Haha

The Verdict: It is ideal for those who're on-the-go (no need for a fork) and for those who believe that, 'Why fix it if it ain't broke?'

Nissin Cup Noodles 'Beef'

The Lowdown: It comes in a plastic cup, unlike the other two which came in pseudo-paper cups, which makes me wonder about the environment a few seconds after opening it. Unlike the other two brands, the condiments or ingredients are already mixed in with the noodles, all one has to do is pour on the hot water and wait. This takes out my doubt with the white sticky condiment that is present in both Tekki Shomen and Lucky Me. The noodle strands are, somewhat, a cross-breed of flat and round noodles. One not-so good thing, however, is its easily tear-able lid. Let's say, in the 5 times that I've eaten Nissin, the lid gets torn in half about 4 times.    

The Verdict: I like Nissin because it's a cross-breed between the Tekki Shomen and the Lucky Me. The things that I loved about the two brands are combined in Nissin (the flat noodles and the familiar Lucky Me taste) and the things that I hate are removed (the white sticky-looking condiment). One thing is missing to make it complete: the fork.



Note: This review does not intend to convince people that instant noodles are the smartest thing ever invented (because it isn't) or that it is a healthy food choice (because it isn't). This only serves to enlighten people on what these cup noodles offer for those who're always on-the-go or doesn't know how to cook.

Still, nothing beats the real thing:

Masuki's original mami



tengturista said...

I never leave without a cup noodle in my bag. ;) great site you have. followed you as well.

Jo Ann said...

What's your preferred brand of cup noodles? Do you agree with my verdicts? :)

tengturista said...

yes i agree! same choice as mine! :)