Monday, December 4, 2017

28 Things To Be Thankful For The Past Year

(Alternative title: Opo hindi pa po ako 30 years old πŸ˜†)

1/ Baby Max-- cutest baby in the history of mankind 

2/ And all the babies this year (S/O to our office baby, Liza) and my new godchildren Julian and Mira (welcome to the club!) πŸ˜˜

3/ My mother's continued good health and happiness

4/ For my family. Just because. 

5/ For my other growing #family πŸ˜‰#INeedAnIntervention

6/ (Metaphoric) Drowning

7/ The courage to send paper planes 😊

8/ (Sort of) Perfect night of Oh Wonder in Manila!

9/ Opportunity to travel and see the world 

10/ Friendships, both strengthened and discovered. (Friends <you know who you are>, if you have follow-up questions from the Q&A session, just let me know HAHAHA)

11/ Forgiving but never forgetting

12/ Learning to see and appreciate life's little mercies/victories

13/ For being more trusting but not naive

14/ Working with a purpose, for a purpose

15/ Working with good, good people

16/ Having inspiration to continue fighting the good fight

17/ Learning the subtle art of not giving a fuck πŸ‘πŸΌ

18/ Opportunities for career growth πŸ˜‰

19/ Fully Booked Lifetime Discount card πŸ˜† (And the Fully Booked cards people gifted me with 😍)

20/ Having constants. Neutrals.

21/ The courage to go to my first Pride 🌈 (Didn't march though just helped sell merch; maybe next year. #babysteps)

22/ Learning from random sources--experiences, stories, books, etc.

23/ Realizing that not all battles need to be won, some just need to be fought

24/ The reasons that make my heart skip a beat daily, occasionally #Landi2017

25/ Always having reasons to laugh

26/ Finding reasons to live; finding light amidst the darkness 

27/ Love-- the ability to give it freely, wholeheartedly, and receive it unlimited-ly (yeahpppp, that's a made up word haha)

28/ God's grace. To be given all the blessings I have received from my first day on Earth up to Day 10,220.

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