Friday, December 3, 2010

Best Superficial Gift Ever

Best photo of Ann EVER!
Yes, I know it's two days after Tyra Banks declared 18-year-old Ann Ward as America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 but since I knew of it just NOW, I think today's just about the right time to fangirl (verb) all over Ann again!!!!!

Today's my birthday, and honestly, this is the best superficial gift ever! Obviously, Ann is not a personal friend but I really love her in America's Next Top Model.

Short recap: I first heard about the show in The Big Bang Theory when Raj and Howard sneaked in the Top Model's house. I didn't give it much thought then because, frankly, back in undergrad I was too shallow to confine feminism (or at least, the advocacy to protect women's rights) to not watching beauty contests and the like. Anyway, I watched ANTM Cycle 15 about mid-season (after Ann won Best Picture 5x in a row), and Ann wasn't the strongest then. But still, there's something about her during the in-between interviews that I liked/loved. I picked Liz or Kayla as favorites, and Ann as the underdog/dark horse.

Ann didn't have Chris' personality, Liz's ambiguous beauty, Kayla's red hair, and Esther's voluptuous body. But one thing going for Ann was this: She had effortless elegance, and it radiated to the great, great pictures she took. (Go watch the show and see for yourself.)

Anyway, I should make this less about me and more about Ann. So here are videos from YouTube, showing different facets of the young model.

She went from this to this, to this and finally, this--the object of people's videos!

Congratulations Ann! :)



Janelle :) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY to the (Jo)Ann I love so much ♥

Jo Ann said...

Salamat Jan! Magkikita kami ni Pau sa Thurs 4pm! :D