Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lawyered!: Top Reasons Why You Should Date a Law Student

The "Lawyered!" series will cover topics involving the law, law school and everything in between told from the perspective of a frightened, enlightened, irritated, and engaged law student. :)

Just to clarify, this list is not something I conjured up by just sitting in front of the computer and typing the ideas that come off the top of my head. Nor are these 'copy-pasted' from some article/blog on the Internet. But I did check out this Facebook page which features interesting reasons some of which I have incorporated into my list. These are carefully thought out reasons, mind you.

Feel free to disagree and disprove my list, and to (vehemently) tell me about it.

10. Law students' books can be used as extra coaster, leverage or just to put something on(see Season 1, episode 1 of How I Met Your Mother, titled "Purple Giraffe" where Marshall's book on Torts is used as a coaster during one of the parties Ted hosted for Robin)

9. Law students can hold their liquor...and you know what that means right? No? Longer time to talk/do whatever over drinks. You can read the scientific/medical reasons here. And if you're not convinced, go invite your law student friend out to drinks, and I bet he/she can outlast you--even if he/she was not much of a drinker before law school, I'm sure he/she has learned the art of holding his/her liquor by now. (Yes it's an art. haha)

8. Law students study hard, and play much harder. All that studying makes law students value their time for leisure activities (i.e. parties, drinking sessions, or 'whatever' haha) more than usual. So when law students party, they do it hard.

Marshall--always up for a sword fight
7. Law students are (taught to be) brave. All the dissing law students receive/experience in the classroom and other humiliations they get from speaking in public and from other people teach them not to back down from any challenge--sword fights included.
(Case in point, and I believe this is enough proof, the 37 law professors of the UP College of Law who were held in contempt by the Court. Yes, they are professors now but they have been students once, right. I believe they are brave even during their law school days.)

6. Law students can be your Prince/Princess Charming--the one that'll get your damsel-in-distress ass out of trouble. For example, when you get caught for a traffic violation--and believe me, I have been told countless stories involving law students and traffic enforcers--that law student can/will/should use his/her knowledge of the law to get you out of that situation. It's either he/she starts to question the authority (or the lack of) of the traffic enforcer by quoting the law, or he/she will smooth-talk his/her way out of it (remember: negotiation is a part of litigation).

5. Law students are good trophy dates, if not boyfriends or girlfriends. Let's face it, when people date or look for someone to date, they not only consider their own preferences but also take into consideration what people may/will think. They ask questions like,  "Is this so-and-so good for me?" "Do we look good together?" and more importantly, "What would mom/dad/lolo/lola say?" And when you introduce your law student date to whoever, chances are, that whoever will be smiling.

4. Law students are rich--or, will soon be. Let's face it, studying law, or any other post-graduate degree for that matter, is expensive and slightly exclusive. Aside from the tuition fee, law students have to have a considerable amount of money for books, photocopies and other stuff (i.e. gifts for professors, block dinners). So, chances are, the law student you meet has some money, to say the least. Or, he/she will soon be rich. Just remember, "rich" is a relative term. haha

Marshall--as well-dressed as ever
3. Law students dress well--or, at least, learning how to. Making law students dress "professionally" (slacks, blouse/shirt, or dress, black shoes/heels/closed-toe pumps) while attending classes is a good (or the best) way of teaching students to present themselves well without literally teaching it in class. What law students may lack in (biological) looks will/is compensated (to say the least) by the way they dress--even during Halloween (see Marshall's epic Halloween costumes).

2. Law students are funny. Not Charlie Chaplin funny but much like Vice Ganda funny. All the sarcasm law students experience in the classroom and learn/acquire eventually translates to a specific type of comedy. But beware, this type of in-your-face, say-it-as-you-see-it type of comedy does not appeal to everyone but if you get these kind of jokes, rest assured, you're going to be laughing your ass off. (See also lawyer-themed series, Boston Legal, which I hear is funny.)

1. Law students are smart, and as you know, Smart is the new sexy. People search for connection, and find a good conservation more appealing than a random hook-up or quick chat. Also, law students can also be literally sexy though they don't openly show it. For more information on how sexy lawyers can get, watch 'lawyer movies' like The Devil's Advocate. Yes, Keanu Reeves was already a lawyer in the movie but hey, he must have learned it (aka be a lawyer and get Charlize Theron to date him) somewhere along the way, right.

Agree? Lawyered!

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Janelle :) said...

Franky, you know I WOULD DEFINITELY DATE YOU :))

You make law sound cool. Well, it really is cool, but that kind of cool that makes me consider trying out LAE. HAHA

Pero shemps law isn't for the weak :))

I MISS YOUUUU. Pero hindi ko sure kung magkikita tayo this sem :(
PS: Nagretire na pala ako sa pagRA :))

Jo Ann said...

Jan! :D

"Retire" talaga? hahaha

I WILL see you this sem, ok? ;)

Bibliomaniac said...

In addition law students know all about the loopholes in law and tend to be the living on the edge types, so one would tend to have a lot of fun while spending time with them.
I love your post.