Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Barnman and Robin Picspam: 501 Definitions

First, what is a picspam? There's no official definition so I constructed one, the Wittgenstein way. It is a series of screencaps of characters, usually pairings, in film or TV series scenes. It's a form of channeling ones obsession over these characters. Or so I think.

How I Met Your Mother is, obviously, my favorite TV series. I started watching it in 2008. I liked Ted but when the writers paired Barney and Robin in the Season 3 episode Sandcastles in the Sand, I had a Eureka!/why-not? moment. From that point on, I was on the Barney and Robin boat. Ted who?

In my frantic quest for all things Barney and Robin, I stumbled upon these picspams (with dialogues!) of the couple made by a blogger from Italy. She has made awesome picspams  up to Season 4. For references, click below:

When she stopped making picspams for the couple in Season 5, I took it upon myself to continue the stalker-ish thing she started. I never expected how much hardwork and commitment making a picspam demands. But like any endeavor I commit myself to, I promised to continue the picspam-making up to Season 8, HIMYM's last confirmed season.

It was tiring to make a picspam for Season 5 because 1/4 of the season was about Barney and Robin being in a relationship, and the 3/4 was about them struggling to be friends.

Season 5x01 Definitions

Barney: Yeah, Lily...
Robin: Barney's awesome.
Barney: Robin's more than just awesome. She's aw--quite a bit--hold on a lot--

Robin: We’re just not feeling it right now.

Robin: I should get going I have a date.
Barney: You're still seeing that guy.
Robin: Even better...seeing him naked.

Barney: The Talk sucks; you have to, like, talk.

Ted: I don't think that the talk is necessary.
Marshall: What?!
Ted: Because Robin is already his girlfriend.
Barney: What?!
Lily: Seriously, we're at the point of physical violence here. Now, will you please have the talk?
Barney: Because of that? Come on, that's my thing. I'm always punching guys. Girls. I'll punch a baby I don't care.

Marshall: Just hanging out.
Lily: Not good enough.
Marshall: NOT GOOD ENOUGH! (whips)

Robin: Think about it we spent the whole summer lying about being just friends.
Why not just keep lying?

Barney: She's awesome. Robin: He's awesome.
Robin: He looks nice in a suit. Barney: She can handle her scotch.
Robin: He's my boyfriend. Barney: She's my girlfriend.

Ted: You do realize they were lying, right.
Lily: No, Ted they don't realize they weren't lying.

Stay tuned for more.

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