Saturday, January 28, 2012

Two-Second Moment

It amazes me how, at a very precise two-second moment, we are given the opportunity to connect with someone we don't know and have just seen. This moment happens randomly. Maybe you're walking at the mall, crossing the street, dining with friends, browsing books, holding hands with your partner... It happens when you least expect it. You look at each other amidst a crowd people, or in spite of the great distance between you. Then, you smile at same precise moment that you're looking at each other. The look may be romantic or platonic but the connection is unmistakable. Because you don't know each other, and the current circumstance you're both in limit your actions, you break eye contact, and turn away, as if nothing happened. You're afraid to look again. To see if that person is still looking.

You chalk up this moment as one of your life's greatest mysteries. Who is this person? Why is he/she looking at me? Why are we looking at each other? Why did he/she smile? What is he/she thinking?

You will never know. Unless fate, destiny or luck gives you both another chance, another circumstance to connect...connect in a manner that matters.

I thought these moments happen only in the movies, books or TV serieses. Apparently they do happen to ordinary people.

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