Saturday, January 11, 2014

Deers can hope

The deer has learned one very important lesson from the great hit-and-run of 2008: distance is the key to surviving avoiding another hit-and-run. Whenever the deer sees a bright headlight coming in its direction, the deer is quick to hide in the shadows of the forest. It hides until the headlights pass, as they normally do. The deer has perfected the art or skill of running away from headlights, regardless of their intensity or speed. This perfection has, however, made the deer complacent. It has stopped being wary of other headlights. The kind of headlights that don't meet deers head on, at the speed of light. The kind of headlights that linger.

The headlights of 2008 came at the deer with great intensity that it blinded the young deer to the point of oblivion. The headlights of 2012 came at the deer at the slowest pace possible but still managing to startle the deer because of its on-and-off nature. No matter how good the deer became at tiptoe-ing, it wasn't enough to protect the deer from getting hit.

This new headlights linger. It doesn't come at the deer at a blinding pace nor a very slow pace. It doesn't come at the deer, at all. It lingers around the deer--sometimes to the point where the deer is not aware of its existence. The headlights has lingered long enough for the deer to be at ease--comforted, even--by the headlights' presence. Oftentimes, the deer doesn't even look at this lingering headlights as a headlight--something to be afraid of--but, rather, as a friendly forest creature. Almost like another deer.

And this is how the deer found itself being struck again by headlights.

Headlights can strike unsuspecting deers from wherever, however.

The deer understands how dangerous this situation could be--another hit-and-run waiting to happen--but the deer, knowing that the headlights had already made its imprint on the deer, could only look up to the sky and hope, "Please, don't let this be another hopeless, painful hit-and-run."


Unfortunately, other entries in the Deer Struck by Headlights series are now gone because Multiply closed down. I hope to find inspiration to continue this very interesting series here.

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