Monday, January 20, 2014

On wolves and walking weird

On getting an NBI clearance and getting a fcking hit!: First, the line was very looooooong. Second, I had to bribe (aka exchange money for services!) someone to get in. Third, HOW COULD MY FULL NAME GET A FCKNG HIT!!!! HOW MANY JO ANN FRANCES DACUT MADARANGs ARE THERE IN THE PHILIPPINES!!!!!

On getting a massage: That massage got to be the most personal-space-invading moment in my entire 24-year life. Yes I know it was a massage place and I should've expected to be touched but, in my defense, I did not expect the masseuse to request that I remove my shorts off. Yep. And I even gave the personal-space-invading masseuse a 25% tip.

On my weird walking: If you see me hobble around for the next few days, I'm not blaming that personal-space-invading massage (see above). The limp is equal parts because of an old knee and hip injury, unfamiliarity with running during basketball training and me putting on a lot of pounds. I hope to shed some off come Portia Ball. Wish me luck. ;)

On The Wolf of Wall Street: I get why Leo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill were nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively, and the movie didn't get a nod for cinematography and film editing. The movie was fine until it decided to not end, and be 3 hours long. Props to Matthew McConaughey for delivering the most-impactful-for-less-number-of-minutes not-a-cameo performance and this catchy tune.

(Photo from Paramount Pictures)

On the upside, (1) I had lunch with my mother and two brothers (I even had a brownie to bring home!), and (2) had a batchdate with, well, batch mates.

Busy day.

PS: Thank you for caring enough to read this.

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