Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jobs That I Would Love To Have

1. Bookstore owner. It is my childhood dream to become a lawyer but it is my grown-up dream to be a bookstore owner. So to dovetail these two, I decided that I will become a lawyer to earn enough money to put up and maintain a bookstore. For me "living the life" does not mean partying or drinking. It means waking up each day to go to my own bookstore to talk about books to people that are as equally passionate with them as I am.

2. Basketball (or women's volleyball) court side reporter writer or photographer. I get to watch the games free. Meeting the players is not a remote possibility. I get to write about something I am genuinely interested in. With photography, I'll have a "reason" to walk court side during games and/or photograph beautiful people, wonderful places, and precious moments.

3. Basketball coach. For kids, of course; around 5 to 8 years old. I am not a super fan of kids but I may have the patience if I'm teaching them something I really like doing.

4. Journalist (read: "serious" writer). The job commands respect, and who doesn't want that?

5. Tour guide. Free travel + practicing my undergrad course (albeit in small ways)

6. Hotel/Restaurant Reviewer. I will experience hotels and restaurants and I am licensed to judge them, and they're not allowed to lash out. Well, they're not supposed to, anyway.

7. Writer. I started this list in 2010 when I kept making drafts of topics I wanted to write about but may forget. Guess what, I am a writer now and it is refreshing to know that I "would love" to be a writer 2 years ago.

8. Book/music/TV critic. I love music, books and TV shows. I go crazy just by talking, writing about them. This blog has served as my avenue for writing/publishing my critiques about music, books and TV shows. I love reading other people's critiques too.

9. Chef. I make a mean breakfast, and that's about it. Creating something that tastes heavenly is something to be proud of.

10. Judge (at any performing competition). I love watching people perform something they're good at (or, at least, they think they're good at it). I love criticizing people and their performances.

11. Astronaut. Who didn't dream to be an astronaut at any point of their life?! The thought of being in outer space (zero gravity and that stuff) just sounds amazing... even to a twenty-two year old.

12. Painter. Imagine the luxury of not having to work, in the traditional sense, and just paint, and still live comfortably. It's a luxury I would love to have.

13. Gallery person or the modern (read: younger) counterpart of a museum curator. I love paintings--making, seeing and being around them.

14. Stage/theater director. It would be such a pity to put my Best Director awards for various class/school plays back in grade school and high school to waste. Directing is a good way to channel my inner bully.

15. Lawyer. I wouldn't be wasting 5 years of my life reading literally tons of stuff and allowing my professors to "teach" me law if I did not want to become one. Faults and all.

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