Sunday, May 27, 2012

Final(e) Thoughts: "Chuck Me."

A lot of the TV shows I'm following (or used to follow) will have big endings this season. Since I am big fan of TV shows, making lists and making my opinions known (all for posterity's sake), I will write about various TV shows' season finales, and what I think about them. 

Today I will write about Chuck's series finale* aptly titled "Chuck vs the Goodbye".

As the cast of Chuck say hello to baby Clara, they say goodbye to us.

Why This Ending is Big:

1. It is the series finale. It is the ending to end all endings.

2. Sarah does not remember Chuck.

TV's most effective not-dating-in-real-life couple

My Thoughts on "Chuck vs the Goodbye":

1. Everybody got their own closures (or new beginnings). Textbook series finale but... I'd take anything I can get.

1.1 Morgan and Alex are moving in together.

Just. Adorable.

1.2 Casey is going after Verbanski.

1.3 Jeffster saves Gen. Beckman and gets a recording contract.

Jeffster's life-preserving performance

1.4 The Awesomes + baby Clara are moving to Chicago with Chuck's mom.

Baby Clara's kick-ass grandma is holding a gun to her aunt Sarah. What a family.

2. The use of parallelism between Season 1 and Season 5 was perfect. The story, literally and figuratively, went full circle.

Chuck meets Sarah.

Some of the most memorable dates in Chuck and Sarah's life

Who knows a porn virus can mean something this deep?

The moment Sarah asks Chuck to trust her. And he did.

3. I love the ending. It's perfect. Sweet and romantic yet not bordering on the cheesy. The kiss may or may not bring back Sarah's memories. Each viewer is given the chance to make an ending for himself/herself. To think of what they want to think what happened to Chuck and Sarah after that kiss. Imagination is a powerful tool. I'd like to think that Sarah will not get back all her memories with the kiss but she has recognized and accepted the truth that Chuck loves her, and they will get back to wherever they were before the faulty Intersect came into the picture...on their own time.

The kiss that topped all other TV lip-locks.

4. Something about the finale screams: Movie Sequel!

Note: *Chuck's finale aired months ago but the idea to write about series/season finales have occurred to me after "Chuck vs the Goodbye" aired. It would've been unfair to Chuck, my second most favorite TV series, if I wrote about other shows I have outgrown and didn't write about Chuck.

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