Monday, April 22, 2013

2013 Renewals

How I Met Your Mother is renewed for its final season, Season 9 after Jason Segel's 11th hour turnaround. I have said it before and I'll say it again, HIMYM should have ended with season 7. Right now, season 8 is full of mediocre episodes that serve as a filler in between the important episodes which bring the story forward (Farhampton, Autumn of Break-ups, Splitsville, Final Page, Band or DJ and Romeward Bound) and the funny episodes which reminds us how great writers Bays and Thomas are (Fortress of Barnitude being the lone example). I don't blame the writers for how season 8 turned out (although it's not done yet) because the decision of renewing the show was not in their complete, sole control. I knew that once HIMYM goes into season 8 uncertain if it will be the last, as it did, the writers will have a hard time crafting a proper ending to what has been one of the greatest comedies in recent history. I guess there's nothing we can do about a nearly botched season 8. But I look forward to an exciting and heartbreaking season 9.

Glee is renewed for Season 5 and 6. Graduation of most of its regular characters in season 3 seemed fatal for Glee in Season 4. The writers and producers have tried to come up with a good balance between New York, Lima and, for some time, Louisville but they can only do so much. I think everyone knows how important Rachel, Kurt and now Santana are to the show but we all have to accept the fact that this is a show about a high school show choir not a show about high school show choir graduates. Considering how mediocre and all-over-the-place season 4 is, I think the two new seasons will give the show a chance to improve. But judging by the spoilers for the last few episodes of the season, Glee will try to make the most out its remaining originals' high school lives by extending it the school year to next season. This may seem draggy but I hope the writers would use the opportunity to give the other characters (even the new kids) depth and background story. We have seen Unique's parents but we have yet to see Tina's or Brittany's or even Sugar's not-in-the-mafia dad.

The Big Bang Theory is renewed. TBBT got over the slump that is season 5 with a better and funnier season 6. Finally, Bernadette and Amy have found their rightful places in the show without it feeling forced. The dynamics of the group have developed well, almost at par with the How I Met Your Mother chemistry. Most importantly, season 6 is praise-worthy for the wonderful way it handled Howard's daddy issues with great sincerity reminiscent of a good drama show without veering too far away from a comedy ("The Closet Reconfiguration"). The scene where all of them told Howard their version of Howard's dad's letter is, for me, one of the greatest moments of this show. It has shown how much the guys have grown as individuals and as friends. I hope the next season/s will be another step in that direction, especially for the show's oldest couple Leonard and Penny and Raj.

Once Upon A Time's renewal is a sure thing according to TV Line. Any show with magic is tricky. Once was able to handle magic well in season 1 and the first part of season 2. But similar to using the Mother as a narrative tool in How I Met Your Mother, using magic can be tiring...and at some point, boring. All stories, especially fairy tales, need a good villain to highlight the goodness of the good. With Cora dead, Hook gone and Regina (even Mr. Gold) showing signs of goodness, I wonder what will happen next for Storybrooke. I hope the writers (and fans, too) will realize how apt the saying "All good things must come to an end" is to a show like Once.

Unfortunately, Community is not renewed for season 5, making season 4 its last. To add to Community fans' woes, the writers wrote season 4 not thinking that this is their last. The end result: the last episode of season 4 will feel anything but a series a finale. This is sad, considering how good a show Community is, or once was. No matter how few the fans are, I believe Community deserved to say goodbye with a proper series finale like what Chuck, Desperate Housewives and House did.

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