Friday, June 7, 2013

I smell apples.

And so they met, again and again, without colliding, suspended in perpetuity like the white, trembling promise of a first kiss. An unspoken oath as old as night. 
-Heather Hogan on HG and Myka

To say that I was disheartened when Barney and Robin broke up in season 5 of How I Met Your Mother is an understatement. That was the only time I stopped watching How I Met Your Mother for 10 straight episodes. Fortunately, I am not yet as invested in Warehouse 13's Myka and Helena now as I was in Barney and Robin then. But still, I couldn't help but feel goosebumps rise on my arms whenever I watch Helena watch Myka drive away, after wishing her good luck on her "new" life.

Yes, Helena and Myka's relationship was a friendship coated with a lot of subtext. But in 14 episodes in 4 seasons, their relationship has evolved from being enemies to friends to enemies to friends to whatever it is that they have now. I read this short piece on Helena and Myka from another fan's POV. And I agree. "Instinct" is by far the best episode for Helena and Myka. Simply because: 

1. It focused on Helena. Where she is and what she is doing now after running off with the astrolabe on Mrs. Frederic's instructions. She's with Nate and Adelaide, trying to be happy with them as she lives the simple life of a lab tech and, maybe, a mother, too.

2. It showed the interaction between Helena and Myka. Helena notices something weird and immediately calls Myka for help. In short, and to not spoil anyone who hasn't watched "Instinct" yet (how could you live with yourself?!), they have one last adventure, for Adelaide's sake. 

3. It is not the end. When Barney and Robin broke up, Future Ted said they just had to let things run their course. I believed him. I always go back to these few seconds of "The Rough Patch" to hear Ted say it whenever I feel that Barney and Robin are too stubborn to make it, to assure me that they will make it; they are endgame. I had this feeling with Santana and Brittany, too. They may have broken up as a couple but I always think that when Glee ends, they will be back together because the writers (and god bless their forgetful minds) know that Santana and Brittany will always love each other the most. Like Barney and Robin, Santana and Brittany had to just let things run their course

I say this because I believe that no matter how subtle the Helena and Myka relationship is, it is there. We, the fans, feel it. Jaime Murray and Joanne Kelly also feel it. Soon enough, the feelings will be all over the place, it cannot be contained. They have saved each other's lives countless of times. Helena said that Myka knows her the best even more than she knows herself. Whenever Pete or Artie or other people want to kill Helena (in one way or another), Myka was there to help her. When Myka ran away from the warehouse (because she feels bad for misjudging Helena), it was Helena who convinced Myka to go back and not lose hope. When the warehouse blew up, Myka flashbacked to Helena's grappler and their moments together. Myka always believes in the goodness in Helena's heart, and Helena trusts Myka.

Watching the exchange between Helena, Myka and Pete in Nate's driveway in the last minutes of "Instinct", I feel that this is another necessary diversion for Helena and Myka. A diversion that would ultimately lead them to each other. They are not perfect beings. They both have their own issues to handle (like any normal person) and they need get over in order to make them both ready for each other. Just like Barney and Robin. Just like Santana and Brittany.

To help convince you, here's a transcription and screen caps of the whole exchange in the driveway. 

Myka: Everybody seems okay.
Helena: Well, Adelaide's safe. That's the main thing. As for Nate and myself, well, who knows.
Pete: Well, good luck, ok. 'Cause I really wanna believe that there's an alternate Warehouse retirement plan. So you know get in there and book a win for all of us.

Helena: I will do my very best not to let you down.
Pete: Countin' on you.

Myka: (Laughs) So is this goodbye?
Helena: Well, I would assume not.

Myka: (Laughs) Fight for him.
Helena: I don't understand.
Myka: I was wrong when I said you weren't being true to yourself. Maybe I was just afraid of losing a friend. But caring for someone, you're obviously very good at it. So make this, make this your home.

Helena: Thank you. And you'd never lose this friend.
Myka: Good. (Laughs) So I guess I will see you around.
Helena: Until then.
Myka: Right.
Helena: Maybe just coffee next time.

Myka: Or save the world. Let's see what happens.

Notice that Myka seems to be struggling with saying goodbye to Helena. Notice that Helena is overthinking something. Pete provides the necessary buffer between the two. In the end, Myka's good unselfish side wins over, and she advises Helena to be selfish enough to want happiness for herself. To fight for what she wants, which is a home, a family. It is heartbreaking to see something break before we even get to see it whole. 

I hope in my heart of hearts that this will not be the last episode we see Helena. Considering that Warehouse 13's fifth season will be its last I hope the showrunners will have the decency to give these two a proper ending. Helena is not the kind of person that would settle for a quiet life. Myka is not the kind of person to give up on the person she loves. I hope they both have enough time in season 5 to figure it all out and see if Pete is correct. That there is life after the warehouse.

So before Helena and Myka figure this all out, I have to hold on to something to assure me, much like Future Ted did in "The Rough Patch", that it's going to be okay for Helena and Myka. And, my friends, I have found it.

Claudia: I smell apples.
Claudia telling Abigail, after fixing the warehouse's expansion problems, that she smells apples. 

Helena smelled apples when she first set foot in warehouse 12. Caturanga told her that this was a sign that the Warehouse likes her. Helena also smelled apples before the warehouse collapsed in season 3 finale because of Sykes' artifact bomb. In a way, smelling apples is akin to seeing hope for Helena. For me, referencing to that apple scene was Warehouse 13's way of telling me, assuring me, that it is not over for Helena and Myka. There is hope for Helena and Myka. This is not the end. And I'm banking on Warehouse 13's season 5, its last, to realize this hope for all Helena and Myka shippers.

If you want to read a good recap of "Instinct" and Helena and Myka's relationship click this link here.

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