Thursday, April 17, 2014

5 Must Binge-Watch TV Shows

If you're looking for TV shows to binge-watch this summer break (especially those who will have four months off from school because of the academic calendar shift), I highly suggest these five shows:

1. Chuck has everything you want in a show--comedy, romance, action and a little drama. It has only five seasons, making it perfect for a weeklong marathon, binge-watch session. If you want to know what this show has to offer, click here, here, and here. Long live the nerd herd!

2. Freaks and Geeks is not for everyone but I think it was way ahead of its time when they showed it in the late 90s. TV shows then were not about showcasing what happens in real life (that puberty and parenting can be awkward!) but about how the geek always gets the girl. Freaks even went a step further by giving an unconventional ending for Lindsay Weir. The fact that it was not picked up beyond its maiden season adds to its mysterious quality.

3. Binge-watching Scrubs may seem to be a chore at first glance because it's 9 seasons long, but if you do have time to spare (yes I'm looking at you incoming freshman at UP!) give this show a try. It won't reach up to 9 seasons if it didn't do something right. If you need more convincing, click here for my Scrubs review.

4. Watch Pushing Daisies because piemaker Ned is adorable. Also, Kristin Chenoweth delivers a strong performance as hopelessly-in-love piemaker's assistant, Oivia. This is as wholesome as American TV shows can go without bordering on being too boring or too prudent. More reasons here.

5. Sherlock. Benedict Cumberbatch. Sexy English accent. Irene Adler. More reasons here.

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