Wednesday, February 20, 2013

On VapoRape, Babygate 2.0, Wheelchair Love 2.0 and Quintana

Will and Emma's wedding on Valentine's Day served as the third periodic homecoming for New Directions alumni (Glease was the first; Thanksgiving was the second) and a forced Asian bird flu hiatus for Kitty, Unique, Joe and Sugar. I guess the writers would need to invent more periodic homecomings that would entail the old New Directions to come back to McKinley to bring the oomph the new New Directions continually fail to bring.

Tina only needed Kurt to call her out on her shit hag-ness. I hope this marks the end to one of Glee's less thought-out storybits. I hope Blam and Brampocalypse would end soon.

Did you VapoRape my ex boyfriend?! Don't you walk away from me, Tina Cohen-Chang!

Wheelchair Love 2.0
Making Artie hook up with a girl in a wheelchair was like... Season 3-Quartie all over again. It was tolerable because Kevin McHale had chemistry with Dianna Agron then, and whatsherface now but the difference is that we knew in season 3 that Quinn would walk again and would move on. I think the situation between Artie and whatsherface now is just downright sad because I think it sort of sends the message that guys in wheelchairs inevitably fall in love with girls in wheelchairs. Or vice versa. It's sad either way.

Wheel. The. Hell. Away.

It has finally happened. I guess Ryan Murphy, after raising the ire of the lesbian blogging community for breaking the fourth wall in a bad way (and of course who can forget the horror that is Brampocalypse), wanted to appease them by making countless fan fictions suddenly canon within minutes. As with most of the newly developed storylines (I think storybits, is a more accurate term for Glee's "storylines") from this episode, I don't know where the writers would go with this. Although I'm all for Brittana (which is endgame, too, Finn ), bringing in Quinn as Santana's girlfriend would be better since Santana gets a new girlfriend without the need to cast another actress and the hassle to develop the character. Also, it would be a good reason for Quinn to be regularly present since Santana now lives with Rachel and Kurt in New York.

Brittana is endgame.

Babygate 2.0
Rachel being pregnant worse as Quinn's Crazy Mother Bitch Phase and Wheelchair Phase in Season 3. It will be pointless. It will be painful to watch Rachel, who's in New York living her dream, be tied up to Finn or Brody. Yeah fine Finn's cuter now or Brody's...I don't know what Brody's deal is actually...but that doesn't change the fact that both guys will hold her back. My reaction to the possibility of a Pregnant Rachel is similar to my reaction to a Finchel Teen Wedding: it seems absurd story-wise but it may happen because of the Glee writers' unpredictability craziness.

The last few seconds of this episode terrified me in ways I did not expect. And I don't even like Rachel Berry.

Re: Wemma's wedding fiasco. Mr. Schue deserved being left at the altar more than Ted Mosby did in How I Met Your Mother. He deserved it because he tried to coerce Emma to go to Washington with him; because he left Emma with the wedding preparations for months, knowing she has OCD, left someone at the altar before and recently divorced; and because when his soon-to-be-wife asked for help, he dismissed her with a kiss, and ran off with his bff to go see his students.

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