Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On Brittana and Brampocalypse

Instead of wallowing in depression that is caused by Brampocalypse, I, as Brittana fan, remain steadfast in my commitment to this couple, to the fandom. I refuse to rant, be mad and blame the writers for what happened to the couple we love and look up to. Call me an optimist or naive but I choose to view Brittana's breakup as a necessary consequence of their long distance relationship and a necessary tool to further their characters and, later on, their story.

I make the following statements--postulates, if you want to make this sound well thought out (because it is)--not to defend the writers of Glee but to make the fandom (although I am relatively quite new to it) understand that the break-up is necessary; that Bram needs to happen; that Brittana is end-game.

1. Brittana needed to breakup for many reasons.

1.1 Because they need to discover their own identities separate and distinct from their identity as a couple. It was a good thing that they share something most of the couples on Glee don't, but their one-ness is becoming really intense that it was slowly getting harder to view one without the other. Almost all of the couples in Glee, who broke up in "The Break-Up", were suffering from this relationship flaw. We can't see Blaine without Kurt, Finn without Rachel and Brittany without Santana. Although we love how they can't get their hands off each other but, let's face it, in lasting relationships, each person has to have and maintain an identity separate and distinct from his/her partner (think Marshall and Lily). Remember when Barney got fat and Robin looked old when they became a couple and Ted, Lily and Marshall had to break them up to restore them to their former awesome selves? Brittana breaking up is an opportunity for both characters to know their own identities, grow as individuals and be their awesome selves.

1.2 Because they need to achieve things on their own. Their reliance on each other is commendable (remember all the tough times they got through because they're together) but sometimes, in life, you have to learn to do things on your own. When Santana graduated, Brittany had to learn to do and enjoy things without her from simple activities such as going to lunch, glee or cheerleading to complicated ones like talking to Coach Sue or Mr. Schue or studying. For her part, Santana has to learn, explore and enjoy college without Brittany. This may seem simple but knowing how reclusive or private Santana can be, it'll be hard for her to open up to other people the way she did with  Britt, Quinn and the rest of the new directions. Opening up to others is something she has to learn and do on her own.

1.3 Because they need to settle their life's what-ifs. For Britt, it's Sam or having a relationship other than Santana. For Santana, it's energy exchanges. I may not be very supportive of their life what-ifs but Sam and energy exchanges signify what the world has to offer to these two lovely ladies. At least, they had the decency not to cheat on each other before trying out what the world has to offer. Once they've tried and realized that their life what-ifs are meaningless compared to what they share, they'll soon be running into each other's arms.

1.3.1 Bram has to happen because Sam stands for all the things Britt turned her back to when she chose Santana. She needs to experience this in order for her to not regret choosing Santana in the long run--not that she showed signs of doubt or regret. Sam is to Britt what Robin is to Ted. You know its a mistake but you make it anyway, just for the sake of it. Sam may make her smile but Santana makes her happy. That's an ocean of difference.

1.3.2.For Santana to realize that Britt will not wait for her forever. Her not-an-official-breakup excuse to not be with Britt but not end things completely will be tested when she finds out Britt is with trouty someone else.

1.4 Because the other couples did. Not doing so will be unrealistic. Breaking up homosexual couples and heterosexual couples is a recognition of the Glee writers that same-sex couples do go through the same shit hetero-couples do. However, I do find it unnecessary for said break-ups to be done all in one episode, which resulted to the detriment of the characters and plot development.

2. Brittana is end-game.

2.1 They love each other the most. We know Santana loves Brittany because (a) in "The Break-Up" Santana tells Brittany that this was not an official break-up and she will always love her the most, (b) in "Glease" Santana tells Brittany that she misses her and that although it's okay if Brittany dated somebody else but she's glad that Brittany doesn't. We know Brittany loves Santana because (a) she tells her so even after they break-up, (b) her face lights up with a smile whenever she sees her, (c) she tells Santana she misses their date night, and (d) she tells her how it sucks that they're "not together anymore and it's okay but it still hurts a little bit".

2.2 History trumps mystery. In How I Met Your Mother, Robin trumped Victoria (re: Ted) and all other girls who came close, and Nora and Quinn (re: Barney) because she has known these guys for so long. They have history and share memories new couples don't have. It's the same thing with Brittana and Bram. As far as I know, the oldest memory inkling I have of Bram happening was in season 3 when Britt leaned on Sam's shoulders while singing goodbye to Santana and the seniors. This, to me, is not enough to trump what Brittana has gone through.

2.3 The fandom loves them too much. The fandom loves them too much that they comment on Lord Tubbington's Facebook wall and Twitter asking Britt to get back together with Santana, and that even if Britt decides to date Sam they still understand because they're Britt's sisters. Britt said so herself, right?

2.4 RIB loves them, too. Deep down, in RIB's hearts of hearts, lies their love for the show, the characters, the fans. They owe it to themselves, as writers, to give their characters--their creations, their babies, so to speak--what they are due. Case in point: Quinn, albeit the lessened screen time in season 4, has gotten what is due to her when she had the chance to say goodbye to and made peace with all her boyfriends including Artie and Joe, Mercedes, Mr. Schue, the Unholy Trinity, Sue, and even Rachel in season 3. Many think that Glee unwisely let go of Quinn and killed the Faberry...uh, friendship (which is the basis of all those fanfictions!) but I believe that the writers have wisely chosen to let go of Quinn in season 3 because it'll be hard to maintain her character while in Yale in season 4. However, the writers choosing to bring Quinn back in season 4 is a sign that they do succumb to external pressure of fans wanting Dianna Agron to be back. I hope, they will succumb to the pressure that is brought by the Brittana fandom, and of course, lest we forget, their love for the show. And in case, RIB forgets, I hope Naya, or maybe Heather, will be there to remind them.

Therefore, I fearlessly conclude, state and hope that Santana and Brittany will end up together.

So Glee help us.

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