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Kurt's 27 (Head) Dresses [Updated]

Because of the countless times I have watched and re-watched Glee's Season 3 for no logical reason at all, I was able to notice (one can't help it really) Kurt's many hats (or headdresses?). I never knew there can be that many kinds of hats.

I am not a fashion-forward person so I did my best to screencap all his hats (and headdresses) and let you, dear reader, educate me on the names of these fabulous, sometimes too creative, head wear.

Hat #1 - Kurt starts the season off with a witch's hat. Wicked.

(S03E01) "The Purple Piano Project"
Hat #2 - Then moves on to stretch his hat-wearing powers by wearing this outrageous but looks well-made... Shakespearean(?) hat.

(S03E02) "I Am Unicorn"

Hat #3 - A leather beret that Kurt wore twice.

(S03E03) "Asian F" and (S03E17) "Dance with Somebody"

Hat #4 - I have no idea what it is called but it looks so cute.

(S03E03) "Asian F"

Hat #5 - A weaved hat(?) Kurt (or Glee designers) must like this hat so much he wore it twice.

(S03E04) "Pot O' Gold" and (S03E20) "Props"

Hat #6 - A beret that is non-leather?

(S03E04) "Pot O' Gold"

Hat #7 - This is the Whatthefuckisthat?! Hat. Haha

(S03E06) "Mash Off"

Hat #8 - This is the most outrageous one I've seen on him so far.

(S03E06) "Mash Off"

Hat #9 - A jockey's hat, which he, fortunately, wore sparingly.

(S03E06) "Mash Off"

Hat #10 - He wore this sporty headband for the dodgeball game against the Trouble Tones and during gym class while eavesdropping on the boys.

(S03E06) "Mash Off" and (S03E09) "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"

Hat #11 - He highlighted his campaign by wearing a unicorn hat.

(S03E06) "Mash Off"

Hat #12 - A normal brown hat. Too bad this was the picture I could come up with.

(S03E07) "I Kissed A Girl"

Hat #13 - A beret again. He never gets tired of berets.

(S03E08) "Hold on to Sixteen"

Hat #14 - What would he wear on Christmas season... of course, a Christmas headband!

(S03E09) "Extraordinary Merry Christmas"

Hat #15 - A sailor's hat. Cute.

(S03E02) "I Am Unicorn" and (S03E10) "Yes/No"

Hat #16 - A winter hat of some sort.

(S03E10) "Yes/No"

Hat #17 - I don't know what it's called but it's the same as Santana's from Season 2.

(S03E11) "Michael"

Hat #18 - This shiny (leather?) cap that makes him look like a drag queen. Sorry Kurt.

(S03E15) "Big Brother"

Hat #19 - He wore this patriotic headband for glee club booty camp.

(S03E15) "Big Brother"

Hat #20 - He wore a patchy(?) beret in glee club while listening to Brittany and her prom theme.

(S03E19) "Prom-asaurus"

Hat #21 - A magician's hat!

(S03E19) "Prom-asaurus"

Hat #22 - Another hat I don't know what's called but it looks good on Kurt.

(S03E20) "Props"

Hat #23 - He and his fellow glee club members had to wear a welder's(?) mask for the sparkly number that Sue wanted them to perform for Nationals--although he likes to not use it as a mask even if he's using that welding machine.

(S03E20) "Props"

Hat #24 - Yes, he wears a normal cap, too. But it looks so un-Kurt, so to speak, that this normal cap looks so ghetto on him. And, the orange pants?!

(S03E21) "Nationals"

Hat #25 - Kurt capped off the season with a cap I am willing to wear anytime: a graduation cap.

(S03E22) "Goodbye"

I rarely post about hairstyles, clothes or hats but I liked doing this one only for the thrill of watching each episode and playing "Spot the Hat" with myself.

As I screencapped Kurt's hats I also noticed that the entire glee club is fond of hats, namely Quinn, Mike, Santana and Brittany (mostly, when they're not in Cheerios uniform), and even Mercedes. Maybe I'll post them soon... after midterm exams.



Hat #26 - I almost missed Kurt's khaki boy scout-ish hat because it had a split second (well, 30 seconds max) of exposure. Kurt wore it while the seniors were waiting for Puck's Geography test results to come out.

(S03E22) "Goodbye"

Now I only need 1 more hat to make it 27.....did I miss anything?


It turns out I did miss a 27th hat.

Hat #27 - Police cap. Kurt wore this for his role in the "Westwide Story" where he played a police officer.

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