Monday, August 13, 2012

Who Wore It Better?: Kurt vs Santana

Glee is my guilty pleasure. I admit that now. Like alcoholics or sex addicts (or shopaholics?), it was hard for me to admit this. I always pride myself for liking things that are: (a) really funny, (b) nerdy, (c) classy, (d) culture-y (forgive me for the term) or (e) not mainstream. All of which are not Glee.

Even if it has a storyline lacking continuity and depth, I continue to watch the show because: (a) the songs are good, (b) of Brittana and (c) some fanfictions I read slightly use canon stuff so I need to at least familiarize myself with the details. After watching and re-watching episodes from Season 3, whenever I want to waste away my time and not study, I noticed two things about Kurt Hummel that I haven't noticed before:

1. Kurt likes hats (or any kind of headwear[?]) the way Blaine is fond of bowties and loafers.

2. Kurt has worn a hat similar to what Santana wore in Season 2. Is this kind of hat a gay thing? Is there even such a thing?

I am currently writing about #1 and will post that soon. For now I will focus on #2, and ask the question, who wore this hat (or headwear? I don't even know what it's called. Can someone please educate me?) better...


Kurt wore his on the episode "Michael" (S03E11) doing the Michael Jackson Wanna Be Startin' Something performance.



Santana wore hers extensively on the episode "Original Song" (S02E16).

Verdict: Although I am not an expert on hats (or headwear?) and I liked the color of Kurt's hat (gray) better, I think it looks better on Santana. Maybe I should ask my friend malcolmfabness what she thinks.

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