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Common Themes and Things in Glee's Season 1 and Season 3

Glee's writing was at its best and most cohesive in season 1. Somewhere between the screams of gazillion gleeks worldwide, numerous chart-topping singles and the Glee concert tour, the story was lost and forgotten. Season 2 became an avenue where songs defined the story lines when it should've been the other way around. The writers made an effort to make things click in Season 3 by going back to the basics. Unfortunately they did so by rehashing the story lines, details and, for some, even the wardrobe, from season 1. It was so obvious I couldn't help but notice.

Beth. She was born in season 1, was completely forgotten in season 2 but took centerstage in season 3. Her cuteness even fueled Quinn's Crazy Mommy phase.


and on a related note...

Quinn loses everything... again. In season 1, she lost Cheerios captain-ship and the coolness that went with it when she got pregnant. In season 3, she loses it twice. For the first part of the season, she went into an I-will-get-back-Beth-from-Shelby frenzy and for the second part, she tried to get over the probability that she may forever be a cripple.

I liked Punk!Quinn better.

The Unholy Trinity. In season 1, Brittany and Santana helped Quinn with her audition by singing "Say A Little Prayer". In season 3, Santana and Brittany tried to talk Quinn out of her Skank-ness in the first episode, and before they perform at Nationals they gather to share a moment.

The Unholy Trinity. Starting together. Ending together.
Just the way it should be.

which reminds me...

Santana and Brittany also danced back-up for Mercedes as she sang Disco Inferno in "Saturday Night Glee-ver".

Mercedes Inferno!

Sue's Minions. In season 1, Coach Sue instructs Quinn to join/ruin-from-within New Directions while in season 3, she gives the same instructions to Santana. 

Sue and Santana

Kurtanny. Brittany became Kurt's beard to help him get close to his dad in season 1. Brittany helped him conceptualize his "Unicorn" campaign posters when he ran for senior class president in season 3--although she ended up running (and eventually winning) against him.

Unicorns unite!

Porcelain (Kurt) and Wheezy (Mercedes) talk to Coach Sue a lot. In season 1 it was all about joining the Cheerios. In season 3, their meetings gave birth to Unique.

Porcelain and Wheezy

on a related note,

Remember the time when Mercedes had a crush on Kurt in season 1? In season 3 their union has (finally!) given birth to an actual person, Unique!

Kurt coming out to Mercedes was one of the most heartwarming scenes in Glee's three-year run

Mercedes vs. Rachel. Mercedes asserts entitlement to the solos which results in: (a) she joins the Cheerios (season 1) but quits eventually, and (b) she joins the Troubletones (season 3), bringing Brittana with her, but also re-joins the glee club when they lose Sectionals.

on a related note,

Mercedes' Cheerios uniform makes a comeback in season 3--although it was only in Tina's body-swapping dream.

The guys sing about Mercedes. In season 1, it was Puck going gaga over Mercedes. In season 3 it was Sam. How lucky she is.

The Changs. They were "born" in season 1 and matured in season 3--with Artie staying the same althroughout.

from tap dancing to duets, Tike got it covered

Vampire Tina. In season 1, Tina uses her vampire-ish abilities to scare and stop Principal Figgins from interfering with the way she dresses. In season 3, Principal Figgins alludes to Tina's vampire-ish ways while talking to Mr. Mike Chang Sr. This time Tina used it to excuse herself from gym class.

Vampire Tina is something I expected from Community not Glee.
But I am amused nonetheless.

Mr. Schue's Manipulative Ways. In season 1, he manipulates blackmails Finn to join New Directions. In season 3, he manipulates (and Mercedes calls him on it) the disco dance-off to force Finn, Santana and Mercedes to think about life decisions after high school.

Scheming Schuester

Virgin monologues? Rachel asks the girls about losing her virginity first to Jesse (in season 1) and to Finn (in season 3).

Rachel and her girls. Notably absent in the season 3 "meeting" is Mercedes. 

Adopt-A-Glee-Kid. In season 1 Mercedes welcomes Quinn into her home after she gets kicked out by her mom and gets tired of Puck's family. In season 3, Sam bunked at the Hummel-Hudson household while he finishes his junior year at McKinley.

Brittana Bombshell. In season 1, Brittany nonchalantly mentions that if sex was dating, she and Santana would be dating. Hence, Brittana was born. In season 3, Brittany, in an effort to make Santana famous (or make her realize that fame is a double-edged sword) puts their sex tape on YouTube, interlacing it with Lord Tubbington doing household chores. Hence, the hashtag #brittanasextape trended worldwide on Twitter just minutes after it was mentioned on the show.

from dating to a sex tape, Brittana got it covered

West Side Story Wars. In season 1, it was Tina versus Rachel for the lead song role of Maria while in season 3, it was Rachel (of course) and Mercedes. Tina folds while Mercedes quits the glee club. I wonder why the season 1 Rachel vs. Tina wasn't mentioned in season 3 when they decided to do West Side Story again.

Mr. Schue chooses Tina to sing Tonight over Rachel. And Mercedes is a Jet.

Sectionals Disqualification. In season 1, Mr. Schuester was disqualified from Sectionals because he slept in one of the mattresses that the club received for doing a TV commercial ad. In season 3, it was Rachel's turn to get DQ-ed for cheating on the class presidential elections to make Kurt win.

Grounds for DQ: Vote rigging and mattress sleeping

Gleeks Protecting Their Own. In season 1, the glee kids went up against Jesse for egging Rachel while in season 3, they all went up against Sebastian for slushing Blaine and hurting his eye.

Even the perfomances were repeated...

I Kissed A Girl makes a comeback. In season 1, Tina's edgy rendition of the song got her into New Directions. Ok fine, everyone who tried out got in... except Becky Jackson. In season 3, the song was used (ironically, I think) to celebrate Santana's acceptance of the fact that Finn outed her.

Single Ladies also makes a comeback. Tina and Brittany joins Burt Hummel in the season 3 performance as a graduation present to Kurt. I wonder why the ladies had to wear some sort of flimsy skirt/cover-up in 2012. Did they get more conservative or did they put on weight? Hehe

Burt Hummel: Best. Dad. Ever.

Sit Down You're Rocking the Boat makes a comeback, too. All 5 original members perform the song to show how far they've gotten. In Artie's words... "from the ghetto to the penthouse. National champs, baby."

Little details were also re-used, whether conscious or not.

Brittana holding hands while waiting for the winners of Regionals to be announced. See, the parallelism is evident, even in the tiniest of details.

Or maybe Brittana always held hands.

Regionals, black and gold. In both season 1's and 3's regionals competitions, the New Directions wore an ensemble of black and gold. I think that if Blaine did not transfer to McKinley in season 3, the boys wouldn't be wearing bowties instead of neckties.

gold = victory

Bullet-proof case in the choir room. It was built by Sue's shop class in Season 1 to house the Cheerios' 2010 Nationals trophy. In Season 3, it was used to house the New Directions' 2012 Nationals trophy. Reversal of fortunes: New Directions were National champs in 2012 while the Cheerios lost theirs.

"How the mighty have fallen."

Lights. In season 1, the lights spelled Kurt's name. In season 3, it spelled Mercedes'.

Altho, upon closer inspection, I think the lights were different. Kurt's was more similar to ones they used in the "Michael" episode.

Kurt's spider pin. Kurt wore it in his Defying Gravity performance in the episode "Wheels" in season 1, and in his graduation in the the season 3 episode, "Goodbye".

Only Kurt Hummel can pull off a spider pin without looking tacky.

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