Saturday, June 9, 2012

Saturday Soliloquy 7: "The Ultimate "Jologs" Quiz of 2012"

One of the reasons I love Saturdays is because I get to read The Philippine Star without any disturbances. Back in 2009, when I was just starting blogging and have nothing else to write about, I read the Saturday paper (the Supreme fold, to be exact) and reacted to the  articles I found interesting. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have found things to write about and forgot about Saturday Soliloquies. Because of the recent onslaught of my mortal enemy, acute gastroenteritis, I had to come home to Laguna to rest for three days and let my family take care of me. Aw, how sweet. This three-day rest has given me the time to read the Saturday paper and, well, revive Saturday Soliloquy.

Of all the articles in today's Supreme fold, I was most amused with "The Ultimate "Jologs" Quiz of 2012"--so amused I decided to re-post the whole thing here. 

"The Ultimate "Jologs" Quiz of 2012"

1. Name all 8 characters in the original Tabing-Ilog barkada. One point per character name.

2. Who said this line in the TV series Maging Sino Ka Man: "Yes I am slut, but I am the best slut in town!" And to whom? One point each. Plus one point if you can gaya her acting.

3. Angelika dela Cruz was launched in what movie, co-starring George Ortega and Mike Magat? She was known then simply as "Angelika".

4. What is the original timeslot of Ang TV?

5. What are the names of Kevin Cosme's 4 kids in Home Along Da Riles?

6. What is the name of Kevin's boss Hillary's gay assistant? Played by which actor? Clue: His name is nakaka-Philip Phillips. One point each.

7. What is the title of eccentric TV show on unTV hosted by Tado and Erning? Tama!

8. Supply the next 14 words following this line from the movie Labs Kita, Okey Ka Lang?: "Oh yes, kaibigan mo ako. Kaibigan mo lang ako." One point for every correct word.

8.1 Who said the line in #8? To whom?

9. What is the full name of Waks, played by Bobby Andrews, in T.G.I.S.?

10.  Who is Dianne's, played by Judy Ann Santos, ka-love team in Gimik? Clue: He was played by Rico Yan.

11. Who was the gay host of the late morning show Katok mga Misis, who usually talked with a live parrot on air?

12. Which comics, or should we say komiks, did Pitit and Planet Op Da Eyps appear in?

13. Name the complete title of Judy Ann Santos' first TV series. Clue: It's not Mara Clara. Incomplete answer scores zero. Sorry, we're harsh like that.

14. Which afternoon TV show has the theme song "Saan ka ba patungo? Bakit ka nag-iisa?" Uyyy, kinanta nya. Sorry, no points for singing.

15. Who is the uncle with a Lucky 7 Club? One point for that, and additional one point if you are a member.

16. What is the title of the morning talk show hosted by Michelle Van Eimeren and Bing Loyzaga?

17. Who was Pardina in the movie Pardina at ang mga Duwende? Who is the duwende who fell in love with her? Clue: They are one of the more popular love teams from That's Entertainment.

18. Donita Rose played which character in Ober da Bakod?

19. Which game was sponsored by Yakult in Family Kwarta o Kahon on RPN 9?

20. Who played Anna, Karen and Nina in GMA7's afternoon show, Anna Karenina? One point for every character, in the correct order as their character names appear in the title.

21. Which love-themed TV show on ABS-CBN2 was hosted by Buboy Garovillo?

22. Supply the next 7 words following this line popularized by an astrologer in the early morning show Alas Singko Y Medya: "Hindi hawak ng mga bituin ang ating kapalaran. Gabay lamang ito." Three points for supplying all 7 words.

22.1 Who is the astrologer who said the lines in #22? Clue: Her segment on Alas was called "Syzgy".

23. What was Priscilla Almeda's first screen name?

24. Name Ms. Maritius who became famous for saying, "Take it, take it!" at the 1994 Manila Film Festival scam. Wrong spelling wrong. Update: She committed suicide in India in 2010.

25. John Lloyd Cruz, Baron Geisler and which other actor comprised the teenage trio Koolits?

So how jologs are you?

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